Compare and Contrast

No diss on myself but I really think Virginia is a way better looking baby than I was. Have a look!

Here I am as a scrunched up small thing with my dad:
As you can see I’ve kept his crooked mouth, scraggly eyebrows and double chin.

And here is Virginia with her daddy, at my 29th birthday party this summer.

Here is a picture of me about to kill myself off the living room chair…

Abnormally huge head

Abnormally huge head

And here is the nuggie’s far less elephantine bean:

Acceptable baby head

Acceptable baby head

I could go on …but why?

The nuggie *is* starting to lose her hair though. Her little crib is full of babyhairs where she lays her head. She is also a giant and I think we’ll introduce some rice cereal by the end of the month. I introduced myself to it years ago and still eat it.

Like the elephant-headed weirdo that I am.

One response to “Compare and Contrast

  1. You have a beautiful elephant head. I adore your tusks.

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