Nuggle Buggle

The nuggie has a cold! She has a very stuffy nose and one leaky eyeball complete with corner boogers and eyelash crust. If she weren’t still so damn cheerful and delicious, I would feel very bad for her. Still, this morning, with her eye looking the way it did, I decided to bring her to my mom’s instead of daycare. They went to the doctor and after digging some wax out of her ears with a little spoon, he declared it to be merely a cold and to soothe the young nug with cuddles and Tylenol and only offer Pedialyte if she stops feeding. (Never!)

I have a mit on her right hand to keep her from tearing her eye out and will bust out the humidifier tonight to see if that helps her sleep with less stuffiness.

Poor sweet little stuffy nug!


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