Hot pix

Grandparents Day started off with a non-bang. My mother showed up to find the nuggie screaming away in the stroller van “like she’s never heard before.” (Thanks mom!) Once they got rolling she immediately conked out and stayed asleep after they arrived at the park. Dum dee dum… After about 5 minutes she awoke and was having a good time hanging with Gramma Linda, taking a bottle in the shade, but was too tired to impress the masses with her tummy time skills. Instead, she decided to once again show off her vocal chops by screaming on the way home. None of this, however, is obvious from these adorable photos, so enjoy!



One response to “Hot pix

  1. Mighty mighty presh-tone! Happily no tree branches fell down and crushed us like bugs…as has been reported in Central Park lately. (though some birds crapped on the blankets Miss Jessica had laid out). la la la

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