First day at ‘Linda’s Castle’

I just dropped the wee widgie off at grandma’s house for a day of ultimate coziness. (On my mom’s bed were a pair of newly purchased puffy/sherpa/marshmallow baby pants with feet. “For hanging around the castle…”) She is wisely pre-empting my teaching Virginia that comfort is okay but torturing yourself and stuffing your bod into sausage-like clothes and shoes is better.

The widge’s outfit today was somethin’ else! A long sleeve purple onesie with snowflakes and snowmen on it, brown and white striped pants, pink and orange socks, an ivory sweater, and a black hat with swiss flags, edelweiss and a pom pom on a string.

We rode the subway together and she had a great time looking to her right, licking my necklace, and staring with great interest at a poster for a phonecard called BOSS.

Ohhhhh what will this windy, rainy day bring for the nuggie? Besides burps.

I’ll tell you what it will bring for me: THIS! It’s a crazy exercise bike/ video game / competitive challenge that has newly arrived in the gym at my office. Whoop!


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