Where it’s at

I appear to have taken a vacation from this blog, but V and I are just trying to enjoy every last second of our days together before I return to work tomorrow. She actually started her “transition week” at daycare last Tuesday and seems no worse for wear, well- aside from a clogged nose and some coughing. The teachers at the daycare have noticed how chatty she is and how great her eye contact and neck control are. Woohoo! She has also started using her abs to try and sit up on her own. It’s awesome (and a little sad) to watch her try so hard to do things – like sit up, flip over, talk etc. I can’t wait to see her reach these goals.

And now some hastily written non-sequiturs:

Yesterday Mike and I brought her to the New Museum and she made but one squawk while we viewed David Goldblatt’s photos of South Africa. It made an echo; a concept I then explained to her. (I have also recently explained ‘batik’, due to her interest in our bedsheets, and the best way to grease a bundt pan to create an optimum baking surface as she watched me bake an Amaretto cake)

Last week we went over to our pal Angie’s house and she snapped a few shots of Virginia as she sat “like a big girl” on the couch.

It’s getting cold so my mom and I have been buying some new fall clothes for the wee babe – cozy head-to-toe onesies that we wish we could wear (and that my mom basically DOES wear if you have ever seen her wardrobe, which she refers to as her “softies”)

The nuggie still has nails I can’t tame and cut a bloody line over her left eyelid last night. She is also chewing her hands like crazy. Pre-teething? Yikes.

Currently: Mike is trying to tell me that Mozart penned ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.’ Will I feel dumber for not knowing that or for believing for one second that it was true? To the wiki!


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