Parents Night Out!

Mike and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary last night by staying at The Standard above the High Line. It was truly, truly awesome.

Pictures (non-scandalous) to follow.

The widge had her first sleepover at grandma’s and the rumor has it she was an excellent baby- taking a bottle like a champ, getting to bed on time and generally not giving my mom any trouble.

I, on the other hand, forgot to bring my breast pump and thus spent the night trying to sleep on my back with a bath towel stuffed up my shirt while my breasts swelled to watermelon-like proportions. It was so painful that Mike even suggested we go get the baby. It was the middle of the night and I figured it would just go away. Wrong! I woke up with half the bath towel soaked and my upper body so immobilized I had to have Mike pull one of my arms across my chest just so I could turn to face him in bed. I was still set on ordering breakfast so we did that and then promptly checked out.

I couldn’t wear a bra so I just put my t shirt on backwards and held my straw hat in front of my shirt as I felt it again begin to soak through as the cute concierge guy asked me if there was anything I could think of that would have improved my stay. “Um… maybe… a towel bar?” We chit-chatted about that for a while but I really needed to get back to Virginia and thankfully she was only 3 blocks away and very willing to help me out.


One response to “Parents Night Out!

  1. kimberly harvey

    awww, sounds romantic, in a new parents kinda way.

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