From boob to bottle

As we prepare to send the nuggie off into the world (daycare), we’ve embarked on a daily bottle regimen that is met with varying degrees of success.

We’ve tried the following:

Philips Avent infant bottles with size 1 and 2 nipples.

She has successfully hollered at these, but she has also literally just HOLLERED at these- so I’ll say I do not have enough data to give a fair assessment.

Born Free 5oz BPA-free bottles

Born Free 5oz BPA-free bottles

We’ve used these with mixed results. She took one pretty easily at my mom’s place during the day, but later that evening when Mike tried to give her a bottle she pitched such a fit that Mike called me in – not wanting the nug to form negative associations with bottle-feeding. They have this anti-colic doohickey that fits between bottle and nipple to reduce gas but thankfully the nug doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. So either it’s working, or she is, as we suspect, a perfect child in every way.

ThinkBaby 9oz bottle

ThinkBaby 9oz bottle

The Thinkbaby bottles I got from Giggle didn’t announce what size the nipples they come with are but they seem like a ‘1.’ Whatever size it is – she seems to take to this bottle really well. (We just tried it for the first time about 30 minutes ago)
and finally…
Adiri natural nurser

Adiri natural nurser

The Adiri bottle is obviously designed to be very boob-like so I bought one in the stage 2 size (3+ months) to use when she gets a bit bigger and she is taking bottles from daddy more often. The nipple is built in and the bottle is filled from the bottom, which is where the ‘petal vent’ is located. It’s a very cool design with a rubberized body for easy gripping. Will Virginia love it like she loves my very own bosom? I’ll have to let you know.

What does seem to increase the likelihood of a successful bottle sesh is the time of day (afternoons seem best, before the nug goes into her nightfuss phase) and her position. We’ve found that cradling her in one’s arms, close to the chest, just like breastfeeding – works best. The other key is to center the nipple in her mouth and hold it in proper sucking position even if she’s crying so that when she finally gives in and clamps down, all she has to do is suck and boom- she’s eating.

How am I getting this motherly nectar into these various bottles? Via the Lansinoh double electric breast pump- which I highly recommend!

My only tips are: Don’t pump both breasts at once even though you can. It makes you laugh too hard. (It also made me feel ‘crazy’ the first time I did it. I can’t really explain…but I sorta felt like Helen Hunt in that TV movie about the dangers of PCP) And do watch the accompanying DVD – it’s a scream.

As much of a lifesaver as the pump is – a baby drinks about 40+ ounces a DAY, yo! That’s like, well, a 40.

So in anticipation of my possibly not being able to pump enough to satisfy her Paul Bunyan-esque hunger when she is at daycare, we’ve started mixing ‘half&half’ bottles with equal parts breast milk and Similac Advance. No ill effects!

Here’s to continuing to excel at parenting at 2.5 months! The next challenge: baby’s first vaccines on Thursday. sad face.


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