Ideal Bookshelf

I saw this great piece linked on DaddyTypes and had to do a post about it as well.

From the artist, Jane Mount:
For a while, I’ve been documenting people’s bookshelves as a form of portraiture; you can actually learn a lot about folks by their books’ covers. Now, I’m working on a series of “ideal” bookshelves: sets of favorites—mine or someone else’s—amalgamated in a picture, even if they don’t usually live on shelves anywhere near each other.

Virginia has many of these books already but its awesome to see what Jane has chosen and how she’s grouped them. I’m one of those people who spends a lot of time looking at book spines in my own house (we have one of those book towers from DWR) and trying to form a generalized opinion of me (and Mike) based on the collection. As in, would I think these people were cool? Pretentious? Warmongers? Hippies? I do the same thing at other peoples’ houses too but 1. I’m not in other folks’ homes lately. 2. Nobody reads anymore.

Anyway, the print is available in 11×14″ for $50 and 16×20″ for $200 and will serve as a reminder to your child that reading is FUNdamental!


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