Child on child

This past Thursday, our friend Gaby and her 5 yr old daughter Charlotte came over to my mom’s place to meet baby V and brought us yummy bagels and cream cheese. Charlotte also brought along her “baby”, Flower. It was the first time Virginia had met anyone under 25 and the idea seemed favorable to her.

Charlotte was cute with her, squeezing her legs and inquiring as to whether she was “1” or “still zero.” I said she was still zero and that she couldn’t do much yet. Virginia started to get hungry at one point and I fed her as we all sat around. Charlotte was definitely intrigued by my nursing her and pointed to one of my boobs asking, “Does she eat that one?”
Me: Yeah. She likes that one too.
Charlotte: When will she eat that one?
Me: Oh, next time she’s hungry.

Later, as Virginia sat in her bouncy chair and demonstrated her current repertoire of gurgles and squeals, Charlotte asked, “Why is she whining?”
“Oh that’s just her talking.”

Kids say the darndest things!

Charlotte holds Virginia

Charlotte holds Virginia

They’re impressionable too: this is what Gaby sent my mom later that evening…

Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 21:15:37 EDT
Subject: Re: Charlotte meets Virginia…
Hi Linda:
Thanks for the photo. It was great to finally meet Virginia. They always seem so fragile when they are that little and floppy.

On the bus home Charlotte announced that her doll was hungry. When I told her that I didn’t have a snack she said “That’s okay, I’ll feed her.” Then proceeded to pull up her shirt and put her doll to her chest.
When we got home she told Ed that she had sung to the baby and that the baby smiled. Clearly Virginia has made an impression.


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