Li’l Sumo

The nuggie got her passport photos taken the other day and I meant to scan or take photos of them to post on here but then we had to get them off to Washington in a hurry if Virginia is going to get her first passport in time for our trip to Toronto on August 5th. But WOW– she totally didn’t look like herself! First of all she didn’t look like a girl (we can blame grandma for dressing her in a blue and white stripe Ralph Lauren romper), second – she looked positively OBESE (we can blame my boobs). I had heard “the camera adds ten pounds” but I thought that was a relative term not necessarily applicable to 6 week olds- not true. Thankfully she is too young to hate her passport photo or she would hate her passport photo. When we get her passport back in a few days I’ll show you…

While not obese, Virginia *is* growing really heartily. We went to the pediatrician on Monday and she is now 12.6lbs and 23.5 inches long! That’s >97th percentile! She’s going to be a little bruiser in the infant room at daycare in the fall; schoolin’ all those puny multiple births! Look out.


One response to “Li’l Sumo

  1. The Ralph Lauren romper had a RUFFLED collar…definitely NOT a boy look. Hmph….

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