I should really take photos when folks come by and visit but I guess part of me doesn’t want to get labeled as one of those moms who never puts the camera down.

On Thursday afternoon, our friend Eva from Toronto came by straight from LGA to meet Virginia and hang out for a bit. We got some subpar Mexican food, some delish iced coffees as we walked around in the sun and discussed her upcoming wedding to this guy, and then, perhaps best of all, she perfectly synopsized the entire Twilight series for me in about 5 minutes, saving me the trouble of having to read 4000 pages of teen fiction. I really enjoyed the abbreviated version! But unfortunately I have no visual documentation of my enjoyment or of Eva’s visit.

After Eva left to start her bachelorette weekend, V and I enjoyed a short nap before my work buddies Helena and Morgan were due to come over. Mike came home and roused me from my slumber and went out for a run. Helena and Morgie arrived shortly thereafter and I brought them in to see the nuggie burrito, conveniently pictured below

We fidgeted with her until she woke up and then we enjoyed some delicious organic vegan pizza from Slice, that they had brought over. When V thoughtfully elected to sleep a bit later, the four grown-ups played Sequence.

I always forget how much fun board games with pals can be. I should really buy some since I’ll be spending a lot more time at home the next few years. After a few games (Morgan and Mike’s team won best outta 3), a few brews and lots of cracking up, it was time for the ladies to head back to Brooklyn. I can’t wait until they return and we can have a rematch!


2 responses to “Visitors

  1. oh baby. i want in on the next game night. 🙂

  2. Just say when!!! I had such a fun time.

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