Hot New Bar

Since my primary concerns now involve feeding Virginia, keeping Virginia’s butt and face clean, folding tiny outfits and getting out of the house in less than 2 hours – I don’t always have time for “proper” or even “any” meals. This is not to say I am one of those wrecked moms on talk shows bemoaning my inability to brush my teeth because of THE BABY. I brush my teeth, take long showers, self-tan, bake cookies, paint my toes, read books (okay this one is frequently compromised), ride the subway, go fruit shopping, lift weights, do this blog, etc.

But! I also wake up STARVING around 6am, and that’s when I have my ‘breakfast in bed.’ This involves either a Luna Bar, Clif Bar, ThinkThin bar, or some other sort of easy to eat, crumb-less form of super nutrition. They are also great to keep in the diaper bag or the pocket of the stroller. Much like my child, I have always found my hunger to come on suddenly, with great urgency, and it doesn’t take long for me to get extremely fussy if my needs aren’t met.

What can I say?

Yesterday I tried a bar that has become my new fave!

yum yum yum

yum yum yum

Here’s their deal:
“GREENS+® Energy Bar combines organically grown superfoods, soy protein, high-energy herbal extracts and a bit of honey to produce this cold-processed, alkaline-forming green food bar. Low-glycemic carbohydrates, protein and essential fatty acids supply a steady stream of energy throughout the day. Athletes, students, travelers, children of all ages, and anyone needing optimum energy, well being, and performance will enjoy this bar.

Eat one bar as a healthy snack between meals or two bars for a complete meal replacement. The GREENS+® Protein Bar contains no processed sugar, salt, corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, or genetically-modified foods of any kind.”

Ingredients: Organic medjool dates, organic sunflower seed butter, organic quinoa sprout powder, gmo-free soy protein isolate, Wild Berry Burst Greens Plus powder (Hawaiian spirulina, organic apple fiber, gmo-free soy lecithin, organic barley grass powder, organic wheat grass powder, Japanese chlorella, hydroponic soy sprouts, organic brown rice bran, sprouted barley malt, alfalfa grass powder, royal jelly, Montana bee pollen, acerola berry juice, natural vitamin E, licorice root powder, milk thistle extract, echinacea root extract, Siberian eleuthero root extract, astragalus root extract, licorice root extract, organic red beet juice, dunaliella salina algae, high-ORAC fruit extracts [strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry], organic Nova Scotia Dulse, organic ginkgo biloba leaf extract, organic Japanese green tea extract, grape seed and skin extract, organic Swedish bilberry extract), organic brown rice crisps, organic organic honey, blueberry juice concentrate, strawberry juice concentrate, mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin E).

Yogurt Coating Ingredients: Evaporated cane juice, fractionated palm kernel oil, yogurt powder, gmo-free soy lecithin, lactic acid, vanilla, sea salt.

Try one. Seriously. They are available at Whole Foods, or you can order some online here.


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