Only in California…(let’s hope)

The nuggie was born with, and to this day still has, a fair amount of hair on her shoulders. Obviously there is nothing to do about it except wait for it to rub off and dress her in sleeved outfits when she goes on dates. I said to my mom in the first week, “I wonder if anyone has ever waxed a baby…” and we both agreed that “probably” was a likely scenario.

Today my mom was telling me about the interview Larry King did with MJ’s dermatologist (ed. She thinks. She can’t remember what show now or exactly who was speaking. Jeez.) and how he was saying he’s got women coming into his office wanting Botox and liposuction for their infants! Of course, he tosses these sick bitches out of town — but that they even EXIST is truly frightening. Botox is a POISON for eff sakes! And liposuction killed Kanye’s mom and nearly took out Kathy Griffin as well, so a baby wouldn’t stand a chance. What happens to peoples’ minds in Los Angeles?

I mean, infant ear piercing is weird enough (I am NOT a fan, incidentally – but I guess it’s a cultural thang to some folks?) but any other adult style beauty ritual is too ridiculous to comprehend. Extensions? Acrylic tips? Belly button rings? Tattoos?


2 responses to “Only in California…(let’s hope)

  1. I’m an OLD woman. I think I heard this from Dr. Arnie Klein (MJ’s dermo) during his interview with Larry King. However, I could just as easily have heard it at Westside Market while inspecting a cantaloupe…or in a dream. OY!

  2. Someone was telling me there were high heels for babes and I didn’t believe it.

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