The nuggie turns 1! (month!)

This also marks the first time Virginia has worn pants!

We had a fun day yesterday. We went to Buy Buy Baby and got a nice white & sporty Baby Bjorn so Virginia can look around and be upright when we go for strolls (she still likes the sling most of the time but it gets pretty hot in there and sometimes she cries because I think she wants to be held / look around).

Then, once we were Bjorn’ed up, we went to the baby sample sale I posted yesterday to get the nuggie some fall fashions (including the Imps & Elfs orange pointelle tee shown above). They had tons of BEAUTIFUL dresses for girls of ‘walking’ age, but I don’t want to fill up V’s closet for the next five years just yet – though it’s tempting.

She was conked OUT in her carrier and my mom and I were starving so we gorged on some thai food on Ninth ave, then walked home along the High Line and made fun of tourists. Some fannypack types were reaching the end of the ‘line at 20th street and asked some other members of their party, “Oh, now how do we get down?” to which my mom responded matter-of-factly, “Oh you jump over the edge and kill yourself.” Later, overhearing some rather impressively-sized woman wish for a foragable vegetable patch on the High Line (what??) my mom muttered something about the woman’s presumed unfamiliarity with vegetables and I responded, “…maybe a PASTA patch…” We think that got overheard. Whoopsie Daisy! And really, we’re ones to talk. Just a month ago I was tipping the scales at 200+ pounds so what’s my problem?! Bah! Anyway, we had a good time yukking it up at other people’s expense then it was time to get inside and give the nuggie a bath.

I got the nuggie all naked and was carrying her to the kitchen sink, instructing her NOT to poop on me- which of course, she immediately did. Hilarious baby jokes! Once clean and fresh we re-diapered her and put her in an adorable outfit and got her ready for the schlep back to Queens. Perhaps in response to being too delicious-smelling, she proceeded to both pee and barf on me within an hour of being home. So tonight, we bathe anew!


One response to “The nuggie turns 1! (month!)

  1. I was linked to your blog today in one of my preggie posts (I’m 22 weeks along). Read the entire thing from beginning to end & totally loved every bit of it! Useful information & hilarious writing, what more could I ask for?! Also thanks to your link, I’ve spent only 2 minutes on and am pretty much sold!

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