My baby gets around. It’s summer, it’s (occasionally) not raining and Sunnyside – with the exception of the smoothie place and a great Mexican joint on 48th ave – is the most boring place in New York; so we wander! Virginia has already ridden the 7, N, W, 1, 2 and E trains and spent time in the three relevant boroughs (sorry Bronx and S.I. – it might be a while). The midwife had suggested not taking her on the subway until she was 6 weeks old but that just wasn’t practical so I ride at off-peak times, keep her in the sling the whole time and don’t touch her until I reach my destination and can wash my hands. Obviously not letting other people touch her goes without saying. It’s worked so far. Virginia has been to the High Line twice, the NYC zine fair, the Kate Spade store *and* J. Crew!

Yesterday, we went on a mother-daughter trip to Bloomingdale’s and encountered a whole bunch of folk’s opinions – starting before we even got to Queens Blvd. Two dudes sitting on a stoop of the apartment building where they worked cautioned me against leaving her in the sling, suggesting that her very bones were going to warp and grow improperly. “Uh .. oh .. yeah.. she seems to really like it. Goes to sleep instantly…only ever in there for a few hours…”

Then once we got to Bloomingdale’s, the Borghese make-up counter lady, upon hearing how old she was, told me I should be at home. “No. We’re fine. It’s boring at home.” She then told me that I can’t have any more children because I work. Ugh. I hate that I let people talk to me like this but what am I going to do? Pick a fight with a make-up counter girl? Seem culturally insensitive because she is obviously old-country eastern-euro or some crap?

Can’t people just tell me she’s really cute and leave it at that??

It wouldn’t even OCCUR to me to give my two cents to a mom just walking around a department store unless I perceived some impending real danger like, “Your baby’s arm is about to get stuck in the wheels of your Bugaboo Cameleon” or “There’s a knife wielding man with a shirt that says ‘Child Mauler’ following you through the shoe department…” Yeah, uh… I can’t even think of a real example because engaging with the public is something I loathe? I’m just not an It-takes-a-village type, I’m more of a walk-around-the-block-to-avoid-running-into-neighbors-in-my-lobby type. I guess I save getting up in people’s business for really exceptional circumstances is all.

Anyway, I was planning on strolling Virginia over to the Fred Flare store in Greenpoint today to pick up some new some new sunglasses. Hopefully the sewage treatment plant employees won’t feel it’s their duty to tell me how many hormone-disrupters are contained in the lining of disposable diapers. (We’re using Gdiapers pretty much all the time now – BTW)


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