Smarter Toddler, Poorer Parents

Yesterday my mom and I took the nuggie on a tour of a beautiful daycare facility near my office called Smarter Toddler. My mom, who arrived a few minutes before me and Virginia asked the receptionist if there were any infant spots available for September and her reply, “THIS September?” reminded us that ‘oh yeah, we’re in New York City, let’s register her for kindergarten, grammar, and prep school now and let the bribes begin!’ Dahh!! It’s easy to forget how different things are now. After all, I grew up downtown and went to private school -but back then it was more like an interview to make sure you weren’t a tiny jerk, and “Got money? Great. See you after Labor Day.” No waiting lists, or tears or presents for the admissions director – like I hear about now. We’ll probably get outta dodge before I have to think about that stuff (not like I could afford to (or necc. want to) send V to the schools I attended anyway).

But I digress! Smarter Toddler was SUPER nice. It was really big, cool and clean and they keep the kids busy and engaged all day. They take them out to parks or wheel the little ones around in ‘kindervans’, they have a music curriculum that begins at the infant level right on up to preschool and feature an open door policy so moms can come in and nurse or dads can come cuddle their babies at lunch. Everyone there knows infant CPR and first aid and some speak 2 or even 3 languages. So cool!

I might try to see a few more places just to see what else is out there but I think I’d feel really comfortable knowing V was in such good hands and so near by during the day.

Now, does anybody have any floors they need scrubbed or crimes they need committed? I sorta need to raise a boatload of cash to pay for this place.


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