Happy Father’s Day!

So glad the sun finally decided to show its face today. We took Virginia out for a little stroll in the neighborhood, which also served as a diaper/ wipes/ garbage bags/ paper towels run. She isn’t big enough for her gdiapers yet so we’re being bad environmentalists and using Pampers Swaddlers. I will say this though– those big brands know what’s what- they have this stripe on the front that turns blue when the baby needs to be changed? So easy!! Doesn’t *quite* justify their 500 years on this planet unfortunately.

Yesterday Mike, my mom, Virginia and I drove out to Lakewood, NJ to celebrate Father’s Day with my family and introduce V to her great-grandparents, Joe and Alice. She was a big hit and responded to the ocean of love by snoozing most of the time.

Hanging out in bed, June 17 (i think?)

Hanging out in bed, June 17 (i think?)

The day before that (Friday, June 19 – for my own memory) Virginia had her follow-up visit with the pediatrician. He wanted her to be back up to birth weight, which she was and then some! The wiggler now weighs 9lbs 2oz. Her belly button stump had fallen off on Day 6 and the doc just cauterized it with some ash so we’re able to give her proper baths now. Her hair was getting pretty greasy (doesn’t take much) so Mike, my mom and I gave her a bath at my mom’s place that night. That’s right- it took three adults to give that 9 pounder a bath. She started out liking it well enough (enough to relax and have a pee) but wasn’t so into getting water poured on her head. Thankfully that was the last step and then daddy wrapped her in a nice hooded towel and cuddled her. I should have taken pictures but that would have required a 4th person.


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