Baby’s Got Bag

One of the things I have not acquired yet, along with a stroller (oops), is a diaper bag and this is mainly because all of the bags designed specifically for this purpose are either too hideous to handle or too expensive to be ‘just a diaper bag’ – sure, Burberry makes one, Felix Rey makes one – but if I am going to spend serious bills on a bag, I don’t really need it to have a bottle compartment.

Below are a few non-diaper bags that I think might accommodate well, diapers- and silly hats, toys that squeak, tiny wardrobe changes, etc.

Eric Javits Skipper Tote - Neiman Marcus

Eric Javits 'Skipper' Tote - Neiman Marcus

This bag is neutral, summery, and looks like I could jam my paw in it and fish something out without even bothering to undo the front latch. From Neiman Marcus. $450.

Cole Haan Kyle tote

Cole Haan 'Kyle' tote

This bag is nylon with canvas handles, comes in black, red and bright yellow as well, and has a removable zip pouch. From Nordstrom. $148
Large, metallic leather hobo from J. Crew

Large, metallic leather hobo from J. Crew

Would our First Lady steer you wrong? No. J. Crew continues to blossom and improve with each season! This shiny, rose gold bag would surely outlive my daughter’s need for diapers. On sale – $275.

Kate Spade union square - stevie baby bag

Kate Spade 'union square - stevie' baby bag

Okay, this one actually IS a diaper bag by name. And Kate Spade makes some really nice ones. Nylon, with leather trim. I remember back before Loehmann’s started going down the tubes, they occasionally got some Kate Spade diaper bags in and I would marvel at their coordinated travel changing mats and various pockets and pouches… but this when Mike was barely a glint in my eye, let alone the nugget – and despite being a pretty notorious pack rat, I didn’t snap one up. From Nordstrom. $425.
Longchamp nylon tote

Longchamp nylon tote

I have long coveted this particular Longchamp tote (comes in pink and blue, aw) It’s got an interior pocket and folds up nice and small, should you want to toss it beneath a stroller when not in use. From Bloomingdale’s. $155.

Le Sportsac Large Travel tote

Le Sportsac Large Travel tote

It’s bright white, shiny and has tons of pockets inside and out, a removable pouch, and at 22.5″ wide would hold a ton of stuff. From Bloomingdale’s. $108.
Tory Burch Canvas Tote

Tory Burch Canvas Tote

Classic, preppy, and perfect! My usual contempt for the Upper East Side just sorta melts away when I look at this bag? Open top, interior zip pockets. From Bloomingdale’s. $250

So that’s what I’ve got for now. Later I’ll post some pics from my last day of work yesterday!


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