Show & Tell

19 days to go, according to my baby widget – although I honestly cannot even fathom being pregnant for that much longer. I am totally fine with 3 days to go, or, ideally, 10 days to go so that I’ll have our baby the day after I stop working. But whatever, she’ll do what she’s gonna do so I am ready to go. Tonight I’ll pack my ‘hospital suitcase’ while Mike sees ALIENS at BAM.

While I (and by extension, you) wait: Here are some pictures!



This is Mookie. He came from Grumble Toy, courtesy of my mom. A few months back I had sent her a picture of Mookie (#4, in a limited edition of 5) to cheer her up when she was bummed about some work stuff. Imagine my surprise when he showed up, in the wool, at my baby shower – presumably for the baby. He has slept in our bed ever since and the first week I had him I would burst into tears everytime I looked at him. In a good way though? I have always been easily overwhelmed by certain manifestations of cuteness and I’m sure the hormones exacerbate this. I also cried when Mike called to me from our bed and said to come to bed because Mookie missed me. I also cried when Mike called me his “living Mookie” … okay- you get the idea.

The Little Palace

The "Little Palace"

This is the nugget nest, already in place on my side of the bed. You can tell its my side by the candy cane-shaped ‘Snoozer’ pillow. Inside the nest is an incline wedge with some foam bolsters and a pogo. Sometimes I keep my blackberry in there too but I guess I’ll have to stop doing that. In the front are the baby’s bodyguards- the crack team of lamb, hedgehog and chick. Don’t mess.

Books and Beauty

Books and Beauty

The baby’s library and bathing supplies. I can’t wait for my apartment to smell like Mustela all the time!

Working girls

Working girls

37 weeks and 2 days. Long weekend over, time to throw on ridiculous clothes that barely cover massive form and head to work. I uh… totally made my bed after taking this photo by the way.


2 responses to “Show & Tell

  1. everything looks so cute and perfect!

  2. your crying at everything cute is adorable i’m like that too and not even pregnant just way sensi.

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