Most productive and efficient Ikea experience ever.

I have a love/hate thing with Ikea.

I love that they are cheap and that all their stores are exactly the same and they paint those silly arrows on the floor so you can really just walk around in a half-stupor and eventually you’ll end up where you need to be, and that there is food there.

I hate that they are these huge ‘federal prison’-looking mondo temples of often poorly-made, tremendously heavy, ubiquitous “design.” Oh and their “art” — jeez louise, who buys the pre-framed art?!?!?

Everytime I move I announce that I am now officially too old for Ikea and I no longer want to own anything from there, but what can I say, I always go back “for basics!” The other thing that always seems to happen when I go to an Ikea is it takes 3 times longer than I expect and I spend 20 times more than I intended to.

However, when I realized we needed a dresser for the tiny one’s sensational wardrobe I checked the Ikea website and found this:

It’s pink. It’s 69.99. What more did I need to know?

I am master-level Ikea furniture assembly artisan so schlepping out to the Swedish home goods mecca seemed like a no-brainer… in this instance.

Mike and I picked up our Zipcar at 7pm on Friday, parked in the nearly empty lot at the Red Hook Ikea, made our way through the showroom, marketplace, checkout line, had time to eat (hot dog combo for mike, cinnamon bun and lingonberry juice for me), loaded up the car and were back on the road by 8:33.

Also? Spent under $200. Actually paid IN CASH! IN-SANE!!



Mike and I assembled the pictured dresser on the living room floor on Sunday while watching a few episodes of ‘As Time Goes By’ – a thoroughly pleasant experience – and it’s the perfect size to hold all her incredibly tiny things. Hooray.


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