Hello Dolly!

I’ll be frank– when I was a kid I didn’t have much love for dolls. Stuffed animals were a COMPLETELY different story, but dolls? Not feeling them. This probably goes a long way to explaining why I never had a dollhouse (but I did have a toy barn.)

Now, as a 28 yr old who just discovered the Greenleaf website, I feel a strong urge to dedicate my life to building and collecting dollhouses. I mean, the timing is pretty great because I have TONS more money than a 4yr old. (On average, y’all)

Behold these beauties!
dollhouse4This one is totally what was going on in the Hamptons in the 90s.


Library furniture set!

Library furniture set!

Perfect for micro-romance / growth of micro-plants

Perfect for micro-romance / growth of micro-plants


Additionally, I would gladly move into any of the above houses, scale permitting.

Wouldn’t you know- that reminds me of a story from my tinyhood?

When I was a little sprog in Quogue, Long Island, I would spend a lot of my summer free time making small houses out of modelling clay. I would meticulously craft large swimming pools, hobbit-like doorways and cavernous passages through these blue and red Vernon Panton-esque “houses” then explain their design features in detail to my mom / nanny/ whoever would listen. Sometimes people would say, “Do you want to be an architect when you grow up?” to which I would give them a puzzled (and frankly disappointed reply) that, “No. I am actually going to be a MAGICIAN when I grow up and will just shrink my family down to live in this VERY house.” …Thereby cutting expensive construction costs and redundancy in design. Doy-oy-oy????

(If my grandma Alice could read blogs she’d laugh. She still talks about these houses and my later project, “the island” – which was a modelling clay planned community where both sets of my grandparents would have estates. “Don’t worry Grandma- I’ve put your house on the opposite end of the island from the Manns,” I assured her, not wanting the admittedly “diff’rent style’d” grandparents to get all up in each others’ grills.)

I’m not sure how old I was when I found out magic was fake, but I was 11 when I learned Santa Claus was, so… you see the mental zone I was in for about 1/3 of my life. Imagination rules! Dollhouses! Let’s do this!


4 responses to “Hello Dolly!

  1. A sprog in Quogue! I love it.

  2. I found your blog through facebook. Hope its ok that I am following your every move 🙂 I can’t wait to pictures of the little one when she arrives.

  3. Make sure you get your dollhouse fully made up. We got one for our girls, but we had to assemble it ourselves. Four hours later….with lot’s of arguing, misplaced tools and parts, misunderstood instructions inbetween……we got it done.

    And was it worth it? Do the girls play with it? Fuck no.

    • got to disagree with daniel. when i was wee, i asked for a dollhouse from santa, and got it. I played with it nonstop, painting all the little furniture, sewing little blankets for the beds, building mini- lives even for the grandparent dolls. Down the road, I found out my mom constructed it in secret at a friend’s place after she got off of work. It still blows me away that she did that for me, and the dollhouse remains one of my favorite gifts of all time.

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