I am pretty grumpy today. No real reason for it. I got to walk around in the sun for a bit in the morning before my physical therapy appointment and have a tasty Jamba. Then Isa at Renew PT massaged my bum BIG TIME. What? She did! She’s a trained pro! She also taught me how to find the “linguine” in my thigh muscles and how to release those trigger points so I don’t end up having crazy pubic symphysis or sciatic pain during labor. A little bit of cold laser action and some posture tips and I was up outta there and off to work.

Maybe that’s it. 2 appts I was supposed to have at 11 were no-shows. One guy finally showed up around 1, the other is still M.I.A. Then of course there is *edited to protect the not so innocent, but rather sensitive* So… I am finding that I get pretty easily aggravated. In addition to my heightened smelling powers are my heightened hearing powers, heightened frustration with being even one degree too hot, not being able to sit though a movie that is more than 90 minutes long… I’m just a general ball of angst. Get Avril Lavigne on the phone.

And where’s my lunch?!?


One response to “Grumpy!

  1. Hang in there, love. Relief is just around the corner!

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