Fatty von Pregnantson

I reallllllly packed on the pounds between the last midwife visit and today. No good! I already weigh more than Mike (which, thankfully for me, he couldn’t care less about because he is the ultimate loving husband and snuggler) but I really need to beef up the water intake & the walking and cut down on those days where I “whoops” eat FOUR donuts because of an “extenuating circumstance.”

I had a damn DREAM about berating Krispy Kreme employees last night. (Well actually the beratement was mutual and KK-initiated but still) I will take it as a sign. They don’t want me in their establishment and I shouldn’t want their retardly delicious diabetic-coma-inducing treats. Who even eats donuts anymore? What’s wrong with me??

But I digress. Other than the layer of insulation I have acquired everything else is going really well. Baby’s heart rate was in the 150s because she was partying SO HARD while being monitored. She is a real show-off who moshes pretty much all day long, but maybe more today because her daddy was in the room.

Mike dug the practice and remarked on how calm Rebekah seemed. I’m glad he was able to come with me (his job is way less flexible than mine- dudes always get the lame end of the stick when it comes to the pregnancies of their partners- even in 2009) so usually its just me and my mom, or sometimes I go alone. There is still one woman in the practice I’ve yet to meet and after the next visit I’ll be going every week until I pop.

My hope is that I do so just after 37 weeks. Full term and eligible for the Birthing Centre, but also mighty precocious.

Plus it eliminates those 3 extra weeks for me to pack on 20 more pounds.


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