The Science of Being a Chump

Ignoring a pregnant woman on a New York City subway train is a special art. There are the people who don’t notice/ are afraid of wrongly presuming a woman is pregnant. There are the people who notice but pretend they don’t and wear this frozen rictus of pain where you can literally hear the cogs of their mind churning, alternating “guilt” / “rationalization” / “guilt”/ “rationalization”…
Then of course there are the people that fully see you and just don’t care. At least they’re honest!

Divided demographically from BEST to WORST, with regards to abdicating their seats are:

1. Eastern euro women
2. Hispanic guys
3. (DISTANT THIRD, mind you) White women* / black men & women
4. White men
5. Chinese people of both genders (not only has a Chinese person NEVER gotten up for me but they have actually pushed me out of the way to get to a newly available seat)

When I am with my husband, people are more slightly more likely to give me a seat because there is a second set of SHAME EYES on them- but when I am travelling with my mother there is no change in likelihood.

*White women are far more likely to do the faking-like-they-didn’t-see-you stuff, making them particularly aggravating. Especially since all of them have the combined acting ability of like… one Cameron Diaz.

Now you know!


2 responses to “The Science of Being a Chump

  1. Oh 7 train! No one can speak or SEE English. Local what? Express huh? White woman where?

  2. subway secret staring contests, awkward, pregnant or not. i hate the subway.

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