30 weeks!

I can hardly BELIEVE there are only 10 weeks left to go!

I mean, sure- it sorta feels like I told my coworkers I was pregnant a thousand years ago at that Go-Kart track in Westchester, but I guess like my own aging, it used to feel slow…and now it feels fast. I still have absolutely zero complaints about this pregnancy so far. I feel great and last night made a totally delicious meal for husband and some of our friends using 3 recipes from this last issue of Bon Appetit. Rose margaritas (mine was small!), fresh pea soup with tarragon, and this lemon cornmeal cake with lemon glaze and crushed blueberry sauce- which was not only easy to make but looked so terrific, I pulled a ‘food blogger’ and photographed it (something I usually make fun of).

This past Saturday, my photographer friend Angie came over to my mom’s house and we did a photoshoot of me and the bump on the pink rug, in the pink living room- and I will post some of those as soon as I get them. I wore a lot of my grandmother’s frothy 50s nightgowns so the vibe is kind of ‘pregnant lolita in the parlor’ …if that’s a thing?

Also- *both* my showers are now scheduled. How lucky am I? May 2nd at Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon for family, friends, and family friends and May 16th at Alice’s Tea Cup for my wonderful work friends. May will be very tea-themed! I love it!


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