Island Life

I just remembered I never actually posted pictures from or wrote about our ‘Babymoon’ to Antigua!

This was the view from the restaurant closest to our room, Coco’s. Resort food is better than prison food and not quite as good as army food (according to Mike)- but the gorgeous surroundings, beachy smells, and tiny colorful birds that hung out here at breakfast, stealing sugar packets and drinking juice from unattended glasses made hanging around here worth it.

Mike “try to get one of me in the air” above the ‘Adults Only’ pool. Luckily we were usually the only people here and what other people were around were British or Australian and thereby drunk by noon anyway.
When Mike and I hiked into English Harbour one day we found this awesome dock bar with swings! If I had been able to drink I would have LOVED to have many, many rum-based cocktails here while the sun went down.
Also in English Harbour were these awesome yachts. The one on the left is none other than Tom Perkins’ famous Maltese Falcon- the world’s largest privately-owned luxury sailing yacht. It has an onboard submarine, a permanent crew of 18, and, apparently, gino-style running lights. If you are interested in chartering this sexy beast for a week, you can do so for a cool 335,000 euros. Or you can just track it on one of those yacht nerd sites and take pictures of yourself with it in the Caribbean.

Deirdre gave me this “tacky Russian shirt” about 2 months ago and just like the lady in the store promised her, it would conform to fit my pregnancy belly. It did! I told her it went over really well since Russians and West Indies peeps share a similar trashball aesthetic!

And lastly, posing on the terrace of our awesome room on our final day, since it was too cloudy to just lie in a chaise and roast. The weather cleared up and Mike and I were able to cram some last minute water-based activities in. We took a kayak out to this abandoned sailboat, swam in the ocean and had one last dip in the pool.

Can’t wait for future travels with the tiny, shriveled one and her caravan-loads of stuff.


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