I must confess…

I have so far managed to avoid the pregnancy cliches of eating like a total wolf but today, after receiving an email from King Arthur Flour about some donut pan that allows you to BAKE your own donuts instead of fry them- my eyes became as glazed as the donut I absolutely NEEDED to have.

I was craving one of those unearthly Krispy Kremes that get baked and glazed on a conveyor belt before your very eyes and disintegrate in your mouth in an extremely suspicious fashion. Sadly, KK has all but vanished from New York; their presence in the metro area consisting of one small post in the depressing nether regions of Penn Station.

There is, however, a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner of Manhattan, and while this usually nauseates me, a donut was required- so to 8th ave and 57th I went. I pushed past the gaggle of asian kids with braces clicking around on their cell phones and talking about what SAT IIs they’re taking and ordered up a glazed AND a boston cream.

Both made it back to the office and while I nodded in agreement with the receptionist when she suggested I stagger their consumption, I knew that I was completely lying to her and that the little bag I had folded so neatly would soon be empty, crumpled, and tossed into the black bin under my desk. I ate the glazed first. My boss/pal came out to chat with me just as I had laid the Boston cream on a napkin beside my keyboard. He was surprised that it was still extent.

“In the interest of full disclosure- I got two donuts, and I have already eaten one of them,” I said.
“Are you going to save that one?”
“You know, Shannon suggested I wait until 4 to eat this one but really I don’t see the point. It’s getting eaten one way or the other and it’s not like waiting an hour is going to have some impact on its caloric relevance.”
“No- but it might preclude your going and getting more.”
“Oh yes, I guess so.”

But then I picked it up and ate it right there. Entirely too much jibber jabber, not enough consumption of treats.

In any case, my gestational diabetes screening was yesterday so I guess today was as good a day as any to celebrate with fructose, sucrose and all my ‘oses. Tomorrow I’ll get back to fruits, fiber and all that GREAT STUFF.


One response to “I must confess…

  1. I like that boston creme donut has a little of its signature filling peeking out, as if to say “hey, it’s me, boston creme pie, not some chocolate- glazed wanna be! why don’t you check me out…with your mouth.”

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