25 weeks

Still kickin’, still turning somersaults, still having weird dreams. Last night I was in a dream-Toronto (where you know it’s supposed to be a certain place but, in truth, is nothing is like the actual place) and ran into old pals, Tom and Marek in a supermarket / practice space/ vape cafe (don’t judge). Mike was off taking pictures in a ravine or having band practice and while looking for him I acquired this huge gun called a PAWS – that was supposedly designed for killing horses (although the name would suggest “dogs” don’t you think?) Anyway. Dreams are weird! And boring when explained!

Last night, Mike and I watched this excruciating DVD (or perhaps CD ROM) called ‘The Best for Baby’ which was basically a commercial for Unilever/ Clorox/ Evenflo that provided instruction on diapering, swaddling, installing a car seat, babyproofing, etc. All the examples in it were so paranoid and suburban; Mike couldn’t believe you need to hire a certified car seat installation technician to tell you to roll up a bath towel before affixing the base with the L.A.T.C.H. system. Didn’t seem very pro to us! But, we live in a city and won’t need to worry about “the #1 cause of accidental infant death in the US” since we’ll be riding the 7 train! Woohoo!

Speaking of urban transport- I think I’ve settled on a stroller I like.

They don’t have a picture of it all together- but here is the infant “carrycot” seating option…

And with that, I’m off to work.


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