I was thinking about switching providers ever since I went to that ‘Pregnant New Yorker’ seminar and yesterday, after meeting with Rebecca at Midwifery of Manhattan, the deal was sealed for me. She was so warm and unharried. I sat on a COUCH, fully-dressed, in her LARGE office for a good long time just talking about the practice and the process and getting all my questions answered. It’s exactly what I wanted.

Next up is finding a childbirth preparation class to enroll in (mandatory for giving birth in the Roosevelt Hospital birthing center), taking a tour of the Birthing Center, getting serious about exercising more, making an appointment at Renew PT to talk to Isa about TENS units as a possible pain management tool, interviewing pediatricians, buying a co-sleeper, breast pump, and some g-diapers, & sleeping while I can.


One response to “Switcheroo

  1. Roosevelt Birthing Center is where I was born! Yay. 29.5 years ago my mom had a great experience there. I fully support this choice!

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