It’s a GIRL!!!

Friday (Jan 23) was my 20 week anatomy sonogram at the hospital and the 30 minutes spent lying down with goo all over myself revealed a very active, slightly camera shy, 10oz baby girl!

It was a really emotional and wild experience – not the finding-out-the-gender part but rather seeing the baby at this stage and in full. As soon as I saw the silhouette of her head, spine, rib cage, etc…. I just burst into tears. I had been pretty nervous immediately beforehand, completely falling apart in the bathroom they have right in the exam room. I wasn’t *worried* about anything in particular but I think the dark room and the chair and the machines and being in a hospital for the first time since I was actually SICK put me in a really bad mental place and I got pretty overwhelmed. So seeing a baby that looked like a BABY and not like a meatball was a big visual sigh of relief.

Afterwards, my mom and I celebrated with some Pinkberry and shopping. Surprise!


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