Daddy’s home!

Mike came home from Toronto last night a few hours after Jam and I returned from our mini-vacation to the West Village where we hung out with my mom and ate delicious food. Well, I ate delicious food- Jam was kind of on hunger-strike due to the unfamiliar surroundings. Jam also bit my mom while I met up with some friends for brunch. She is such a terrible beast sometimes!!

Anyway, Mike came home fully re-Canadianized- all opening windows claiming it was soooo hot and speaking in celsius and all that jazz. He showed me the baby booty he received while up north and it included one of these from our friend Dave.


By my calculations, he or she should be ready for it in 3-4 years but it’s so Dave and so perfect.

We also got a bunch of cute onesies from Mike’s mom and friends of the family, The Taylors. I’m going to have to think about storage for all this stuff as I know that once I know the sex I won’t be able to resist stocking up on all types of finery.

Over the weekend I also went to this amazing seminar called ‘The Pregnant New Yorker.’ I was a little nervous going in… I was hoping it wouldn’t be one of those terrible, “If I don’t get Cole and Beverly into this $35K /yr pre-school I’ll just DIE!” things. I end up feeling like Juno in a room full of Alex Kuczynskis. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. It was so friendly and so eye-opening and educational and comforting and wonderful that I ended up oh.. bursting into tears a little as soon as we left just from the wave of emotions I felt (all positive!) – but yeah. Wow. I definitely want to go to another one just so Mike can experience it too.

For those of you in the New York area the next one is:

Wednesday, February 4th 2009

464 Bergen Street
(btwn 5th Avenue and Flatbush)

Cost of event is $10 per person and it’s sooo worth it. There are raffles (I won a private pre-natal yoga session with this amazing woman, Latham Thomas, who I totally have a girlcrush on, and a device called a “Snurser”) and goodie bags.


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