Show ’em what ya got

It’s been so wet, cold, and depressing around here (total ‘Jack the Ripper’ weather) that I needed a treat. Since roasting myself under some tanning lamps is ill-advised (and not really my style) I booked a massage here yesterday afternoon.

First of all, Je recommend!! Sothys is one of those places that makes you feel like you’re about to spend $300 on something very very silly. There’s strawberry tea in the most delicate gold-rimmed logo-emblazoned china you’ve ever seen, fluffy robes and wraps and white slippers, skylights and French people… oh it’s just wonderful.

The massage was one of the best I’ve had in a while and afterwards, in the change room, as I reluctantly put my clothes back on I noticed a new fullness to my midsection. I stood sideways and sucked in my gut as much as possible. What was left was all baby- and there is no doubt about it- there’s a bump! I marvelled at my roundness for a while and then happily exited the locker room to find there were three milanos waiting for me on a little dish. I didn’t want to leave!

AND- because I booked my appointment through lifebooker (NYC ladies – if you have not already joined this awesome website – hurry up and do that thing) the whole shebang was half off. I’m teaching my baby to sniff out a bargain early…


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