Chillin’ in Part 2

Here we see the nugget at 12 weeks. Cruisin’ past 14 now and feeling good.

Sleep though? Borked.
I used to be one of those people that went to bed at NIGHT and woke up in the MORNING. That was IT. Now I wake up for no reason 5-10 times a night. Most of the time I just flip over and fall back (no more sleeping on my stomach though) but sometimes its not so easy- my thoughts are racing about irrelevant stuff. Last night I was pretending I found out I was having triplets and getting myself in a state about how on EARTH I was going to deal. Where would I move? Alabama? Would I have to sell one or two of them on the bulletin board at work or craigslist? So many useless thoughts while I stared at my sleeping husband and sleeping sausage dog. Sheesh. At least it’s Friday.

I asked my mom for one of those huge full-body maternity pillows for Christmas so maybe that will help me snooze. (It has zero sex appeal so its sleep-aiding benefits may be two-fold?)

Okay! Back to these Clifton Chenier tunes…


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