Can I vote twice now?

Dah!! I’ve just been reading the comments on the ‘Fox Forum’ blog, in answer to the question “Can McCain close the gap tomorrow?”  So many strangers I wish to strangle!!! Hopefully by tomorrow my rage will have dissipated because those people, along with their precious war geezer candidate will be OUTTA LUCK!

Anyway, my mama, the baby and I will make our way over to the Gay & Lesbian Center on 13th St. tomorrow morning and pull hard for Obama! (Can’t imagine that particular polling place will have many McCainiacs in the house- if any) 

Feeling pretty good today. Turns out EATING is actually really helpful.  Tomorrow I meet with the doc to go over the results of all the bloodwork they did this past week and to discuss how their practice works. I also want to ask about hospital alternatives and if they are amenable to that sort of thing since I am still not 100% sure if the factory-style, bleeping-machines, hospital experience is what I want.

Why doesn’t Bloomingdales have a birthing department?


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