Letting it all hang out

Last night my company had an event at GPNY, a non-hick go-kart racing facility in Mt. Kisco. Since I pretty much arranged this event it didn’t seem too weird when I called a few weeks ago and asked our event manager there, “Soooo…someone in our office is pregnant and wanted to know if it was safe to drive with baby on board…”

As expected, he strongly advised against and I said that I would “tell that person” (which I did, psychically and immediately) Anyway, by the time 4pm rolled around yesterday and everyone was getting ready to board the mini-buses and SUVs up to the facility I felt like a big bag of mush and told my boss that I just couldn’t go. I went and sat in the bathroom for a while and the more I thought about it, the more I knew I would regret being such a wimp- plus this was going to be my big coming out! I figured if my lack of driving didn’t provoke questions, my lack of drinking would. Girlfriend never met an open bar she didn’t like, gnome’sayin?

So I reversed my position and boarded the mini bus on the condition that I could sit in the very front and have 2 seats.  Our driver wasn’t following directions at the end and therefore was forced to feel the full power of my BABYTEMPER but it got the job done, and soon all my work pals were vroom-vrooming away. I staggered my announcement to small groups of folks and everyone was pleased/ hugs were received… phew! / yay!

Still haven’t told my dad yet, but since I only told him I was married 6 months ago (in a text message) I figure he can wait till later this evening. Same goes for grandma Alice since I know its going to take a lot of explaining at high volumes to communicate the general idea to her.

But it felt really good to get it out there- I got home around 11:30 and immediately had a celebratory barf!


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