It’s short for ‘Spraynerd’

So other than the one night I sprayed a couple bowlfuls of ‘faux’ chicken noodle soup out of every facial orifice I haven’t actually been *too* sick. Nauseous and weak and dizzy and tired for hours and hours and hours? Yes. I think a lot of it was stress-related, but today me, and Mikey and my mama got to see my plump & juicy uterine partyspace on the screen at the doc’s and you know what else? A heartbeat! My creature’s pumping!

As if that weren’t exciting enough- Mike and I went and got pizza afterwards! (it was gross) I don’t really have much of an appetite (lost 6 pounds since the last doc visit) but after they drew NINE vials of blood I felt I needed some nourishment in triangular form.

Tonight we begin the “we’re pregnant!” phone tree- at the end of which will be a most awesome episode of Season 3-era Lost. YAY!!!


One response to “It’s short for ‘Spraynerd’

  1. I’m so thrilled I got to witness that tiny fluttering heart. It matched my own at that moment.

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