This is a very busy week for the creature what with growing an umbilical cord, and the beginnings of eyes, ears and mouth hole. The creature has also sprouted its arm and leg buds! All this sprouting has left me feeling pretty tired and nauseous. I have yet to ACTUALLY throw up and I attribute this to my stomach of steel and intense hatred of the vomiting process but I guess I’m not out of the woods yet. If I spew, you guys will be in the loop- swear!

Also, what’s with M sniffing me every day when I get home from work? He says, “Do you smell that?”

Me: smell what? Is it the dog?

M: *sniffs dog* No, it’s not the dog. Are you…using something different on your face?

Me: No.

I smell pregnant, duh! I asked my mom about this and she said she worked with a lady whose mom would sleep in a separate room during her pregnancies because she was embarrassed about her “smell.”

Me: Really??? She would like… Brady Bunch it for nine months???

Mom: Yup. Weird, right?

Me: That’s terrible!

This is 2008; I’m not going anywhere ‘cuz of my supposed preggo whiff. How could anyone forgo snuggles at such an emotionally demanding time? I’d shrivel up and die if I couldn’t snug up with my man and my ridiculous dog* every night.

* Okay, I could probably survive if the doggie friend slept on her cushion beside the bed. No biggie.


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