Srsly. Where do I get off?

Guys- I am shaping up to be a terrible mom!! My dog completely fell down a sewer yesterday. She is fine- but she did you know, plop through a hole and fall 3 or 4 feet onto a pile of subterranean wet garbage. Thankfully my wonderhuzz was there with his ultra long arms and soothing manner to save her! He laid down his jean jacket, she climbed aboard, and was hoisted to safety. I was hoping nobody would see us while all this was going on but a truck did drive by and I waved my arms to prevent them from running M over. They saw his legs dangling out of the gutter & must have been all types of confused.

The little doggie friend was TERRIFIED! Thankfully, she ceased being a barky bitch just long enough to get herself rescued or we would have had a real nasty situation on our hands. She must be bathed tonight– maybe this was a sign that I need to stop putting that off…

Hope she likes Flex Balsam & Honey shampoo because she is going to smell like a lil dream whether she likes it or not!


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